Ukrainian fermented beverage traditionally made with rye bread, according to our own unique recipe. We have been carefully preserving its authenticity for over 70 years so far. Since 1946, the year of establishment of the plant in Zaporizhzhia, our beverage manufacturing technology experts have been taking care of the traditional kvass recipe and controlling its quality at all stages – from selecting rye to serving bottled kvass to your table. Yarylo kvass series combines the experience of generations and modern production technologies. This is what contributes to its irresistible taste of fermented rye bread. Yarylo kvass series is striving to suit the tastes of even the most demanding consumers.    

Our kvass comes in various flavors; there are currently four types to choose from: Yarylo Spravzhniy, Yarylo Medovyi, Yarylo Bilyi Domashniy and Yarylo Bilyi Imbyrnyi.

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