The company has its own manufacturing plant – Ascania Beverages in Zaporizhzhia that produces award winning Yarylo™ kvass and Gardenz™ cider. 

The Ascania Beverages Company today:

  • is the largest raw grain kvass manufacturer that provides a full production cycle;
  • manufactures Yarylo™ kvass which holds leading positions at Ukrainian kvass market and is exported to the EU countries, Israel and Latin America;
  • produces high-quality kvass wort concentrate (KWC) which is extensively used in food industry;
  • produces Gardenz™ cider since 2017;
  • uses the latest resource and energy saving technologies extensively, has an energy efficiency program;
  • is considered to be a socially responsible business, supports charities on a regular basis, employs socially disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities.
  • Yarylo Spravzhniy kvass has won recognition among the qualified tasters at the International Beer, Soft Drinks, Mineral and Drinking Water, Brewing Malt Competition and annual All-Ukrainian Kvass Festival where it was awarded with ten various awards and certificates. Several years in a row – in 2013, 2016 and 2019 – Yarylo Spravzhniy kvass and Gardenz cider received numerous honors at Ukrainian tasting competitions.
  • Since 2017, manufactures Natural Gardenz™ cider according to the special Scottish technology using fresh juice made from cider apples. They taste more refreshing and tart, so there is no need for any extra ingredients like citric acid. This allows us to keep it the traditional way. Wine yeast is also used for producing Gardenz™ cider which adds noble fermentation flavor and aftertaste to the drink.

The company has its own frozen foods packaging line. The food safety management system at the enterprise meets all the requirements of DSTU ISO 22000: 2007 standards that ensure ongoing manufacturing of high-quality and safe products.

We offer over 80 food items produced at our production line under our own brands:

  • SKANDINAVIKA™ – frozen seafood;
    • POLAR STAR™ – frozen seafood;
    • SPELA™ – frozen vegetables, berries, mushrooms.

We also manufacture products under clients’ private labels, including Ukrainian leading retail chains and those clients who work with ethnic grocery stores that carry mainly specialty products not found in mainstream supermarkets in Canada, the US and Israel.

Our manufacture facilities are located within Kyiv near the main office, which allows us to quickly respond to customer requests, control and adjust all order parameters in accordance with their needs and demands.

The installed production line packs products both from our raw materials and our clients’ raw materials (according to their exclusive recipes). Our production capacity is up to 10,000 packages per shift, accompanied by a complete package of necessary documents and permits (specifications, barcode, and quality certificates).

Another advantage is the specialized delivery of manufactured products to the customer and the end user. The company uses exclusively our own heavy duty trucks and other vehicles fitted with refrigeration units that maintain the recommended storage temperature regimes.


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