Why Ascania FMCG?

Ascania FMCG team is a key asset when it comes to the success of your business. We take pride in our specialists who are constantly growing and developing their expertise, striving to keep up with market demands and stay ahead of time by generating innovative solutions and ideas. Anyone can join our dream team, regardless of age, gender, beliefs (religion) or social background, which is, unfortunately, not typical for many companies operating in the industry.

We have been one of the key players in Ukrainian food and drink sales and distribution industry for almost two decades in a row. Nevertheless, we remain a dynamic and active business addressing our employees’ basic needs of stability and job security.

Challenging positions, brilliant prospects for career growth, the opportunity to learn – Ascania FMCG provides and guarantees all of these to both loyal and new employees.

You can find out more about current vacancies in the “Vacancies” section or send your CV indicating the desired job title to the following email [email protected].

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