Ascania Beverages

Being a leading manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages, the Kvass Beverages Company produces an extensive range of soft drinks under their own brands including Yarylo™ kvass and Gardenz™ cider. The main goal of the project is to scale up the production of soft drinks within Ukrainian market by holding key positions in terms of sales and distribution.

Yarylo Spravzhniy kvass has won recognition among the qualified tasters at the International Beer, Soft Drinks, Mineral and Drinking Water, Brewing Malt Competition and annual All-Ukrainian Kvass Festival where it was awarded with ten various awards and certificates. Several years in a row – in 2013, 2016 and 2019 –Yarylo Spravzhniy kvass and Gardenz cider received numerous honors at Ukrainian beverage tasting competitions.

Since 2017, the company crafts a variety of ciders called Gardenz that are manufactured according to the special Scottish technology using fresh juice made from cider apples. They taste more refreshing and tart, so there is no need for any extra ingredients like citric acid. This allows us to keep it the traditional way. Wine yeast is also used for producing Gardenz cider which adds noble fermentation flavor and aftertaste to the drink.

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