Natural Gardenz ciders are manufactured according to the special Scottish technology using fresh juice made from cider apples. They taste more refreshing and tart, so there is no need for any extra ingredients like citric acid. This allows us to keep it the traditional way. Wine yeast is also used for producing Gardenz cider which adds noble fermentation flavor and aftertaste to the drink.

The soft drink is available for sale in 1 L PET bottles, we currently offer five basic flavors: Apple, Strawberry & grapes, Cherry, Grapefruit, Black currant. Also, Kvass Beverages manufactures a cider series with Apple, Strawberry & grapes, Black Currant, Grapefruit, Cherry, Cherry, Wild Berry, Peach and many other flavors bottled in KEGs. Over the recent years, Apple and Black Currant have become the most popular flavors among our consumers. Gardenz Apple Cider is a gold standard of European classic cider taste. It has a mostly sweet, slightly tart apple taste and a bright, refreshing aroma. Gardenz Blackcurrant Cider has a tender, well-balanced sour-sweet berry taste, with black currant hint and barely sweet apple flavor.  

Gardenz cider is bottled in dark-colored PET plastics to help block out the sun and prevent damage to UV light sensitive natural beverage. PET preforms and bottles are more lightweight: they are more eco-friendly and contain less plastic. The label is made in black with gold matte finish lamination and an apple-shaped barcode.

Since 2021, the plant manufactures Gardenz cider bottled in 0.5 L soft-drink cans. This year we also launched a new low-alcohol beverage series PARTY MIX under Gardenz brand.


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