EUROELECTRIC™ batteries are a series of alkaline batteries considered to be one of the best offerings available on the market. Years of ongoing research and development have made it possible to obtain and implement three unique technologies:

  • high-quality outer nylon cover protects batteries from leaking out;
  • triple durable coating reduces contact resistance for improved reliability;
  • increased electrical volume making them suitable for devices with a higher energy consumption.

EUROELECTRIC alkaline batteries offer an enhanced protection against shock, extreme temperatures and external short circuiting. High performance is combined with the highest level of safety available in the industry. These multifunctional batteries may become a reliable source of energy for any home appliances and devices.

EUROELECTRIC alkaline batteries were invented to supply a wide range of devices with middle and low level of energy consumption. Available in AA та ААА battery sizes, in packs of 2 or 4.

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