Myasylo™ is Ascania Trading Company’s own brand. Myasylo™ meat snacks – chicken chips – are 100% natural products, containing no artificial ingredient or added color, and are only minimally processed.

Meat dehydrating technology allows to maximize its nutritional value. Grabbing a bite of Myasylo™ meat chips is both a quick and effective way to satisfy your hunger. Extremely high nutritional value is a key advantage of this product, because meat chips are rich in natural protein. Thanks to low carbohydrates and calories, Myasylo™ is the perfect snack for the modern low-carb diet, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle or exercise to build muscle.  What is more, meat snacks have a long shelf life and are very portable, which makes them a great option for traveling, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other situations in which you have limited access to fresh food and need a protein hit. Meat chips do not get your hands dirty and do not leave greasy stains. This is their advantage over similar products – potato and flour chips.

There are several varieties of Myasylo™ meat snacks:

  • Myasylo Hot Pepper Flavored Chicken Chips;
  • Myasylo Savory Nutmeg Flavored Chicken Chips;
  • Myasylo Pungent Garlic Flavored Chicken Chips;
  • Myasylo Spicy Paprika Flavored Chicken Chips.
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