OKKI™ is Ascania Trading Company’s own brand manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Turkey that are supplied with advanced high-capacity confectionery manufacturing equipment and certified according to world standards and norms, making it one of the top companies in the country’s confectionery industry.

OKKI™ products are manufactured according to all ISO standards and requirements, only from 100% natural sugar; they do not contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals, as well as GMOs. OKKI™ juicy lollipops are available in three main sizes of various flavor combinations: OKKI Classic, OKKI Mini and OKKI XL with Gum.

  • OKKI Classic – a classic lollipop with four mouth-watering flavors to choose from. Current flavors are: Orange, Raspberry, Apple and Strawberry.
  • OKKI Mini – a classic lollipop with four main flavors: Cola, Strawberry, Orange and Green Apple.
  • OKKI XL with Gum – an extra large lollipop filled with bubble gum, current cocktail flavors are: Sweet Strawberry & Refreshing Orange, Fruit Mix, Wild Raspberry & Ripe Cherry, as well as Juicy Watermelon & Sweet Melon

Since 2021 OKKI’s confectionery offering expanded to Hihikls chewy dragée and VitaBoom candies rich in Vitamin C.

  • OKKI Hihikls Milkshake with strawberry and banana milkshake flavors.
  • OKKI Hihikls Fruit with a range of flavors: apple, strawberry, orange, lemon and raspberry.
  • OKKI Hihikls Sour with various slightly sour flavors: apple, strawberry, orange, lemon and raspberry.
  • OKKI Hihikls Bobble Gum Candy with a bubble gum flavor.
  • OKKI Hihikls Minty Candy with refreshing mint flavor.
  • OKKI VitaBoom with a range of fruit and berry flavors, like cherry, strawberry, raspberry.
  • OKKI VitaBoom with a range of tropic flavors, like orange, pineapple, passion fruit.
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