Nordic Seafood™ was founded in 1988 in Denmark. With sales companies both domestically and internationally, Nordic Seafood quickly became one of the world’s leaders in frozen fish and seafood (including fishery, aquaculture, and processing) both in Western and Eastern Europe. NORDIC SEAFOOD™ frozen fish and seafood are in great demand all over the world.

We keep up-to-date with the latest trends and possible applications which benefits our customers and work to meet individual wishes.

According to a number of marketing surveys, the company is one of the leaders of Ukrainian frozen seafood industry in the retail and HoReCa market segments. The strength of NORDIC SEAFOOD™ is renowned for its high quality products, affordable pricing and consumer trust.

All fish, shellfish and other seafood is sourced from exclusively in eco-friendly and sustainable areas: from the cold waters of the North Sea to the warm sea waters of Asia. The company has its own production facilities, quality testing laboratories and warehouses for product storage. Modern production technologies allow to preserve the highest level of nutrients, vitamins and omega 3s and a unique taste of fish and seafood.   

Discover endless culinary possibilities with NORDIC SEAFOOD™ extensive product range and treat yourself to delicious, nutritious and healthy dishes.

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