Althaus™ is a premium tea brand. Althaus™ combines the demands for highest product quality with modern production methods, old tea traditions with surprisingly new tea blends and innovative design. Althaus™ premium tea is available in many different blends and offers a delicious variety of classics and exciting new compositions, fruit and herbal mixes.

The company offers more than 60 blends of loose and preportioned tea and stylish branded accessories.

Althaus™ is a reliable tea manufacturer and supplier that has large tea-packing factories in Germany, a well-established system of quality control and certification in accordance with EU standards.

Althaus™ tea has won over the heart of tea lovers in over 60 countries around the world. It is highly valued by guests of such fashionable establishments as Sheraton Palace, Sacher Hotel, Swissotel, Grand Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Park Inn, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Angleterre Hotel and many others.

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