Lavazza has launched a massive advertising campaign in Ukraine

Ascania FMCG is a leading importer and distributor of Lavazza™ coffee in Ukraine for over 15 years. Building on our existing solid partnerships, we continuously helped this Italian brand win over the majority of Ukrainian costumers. So, we are honored to share the latest news we received from Lavazza’s new headquarters: ‘Thanks to the successful development of the Lavazza brand in Ukraine by our official partner, importer and distributor Ascania FMCG, we are pleased to announce the launch of a massive advertising campaign of Italy’s best-loved coffee here, in Ukraine. The campaign started on November 15, 2021 and was aired on all platforms, such as TV, YouTube, social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Our company is impressed by the incredible rise in coffee culture in Ukraine. Today more and more Ukrainian coffee lovers start paying attention to the quality and value the genuine taste of the drink. Lavazza is estimated to be Italian # 1 brand with centuries of experience in coffee roasting. This allows us to offer Ukrainian consumers a wide range of top quality coffee of different degrees of roasting and blends. Our goal is to keep providing the most authentic Italian coffee by embracing a broader range of flavors than ever before, to always please our demanding, quality-sensitive consumers. We appreciate your trust!’

Here is the list of public TV channels that broadcast Lavazza™ advertising campaign: Novyi Kanal, ICTV, STB, М1, М2, 1+1, ТЕТ, Unian, 2+2, PlusPlus, Bigudi, Paramount Comedy, UA: Pershyi, XSport, Music BOX, 24 Kanal, Sontse TV, OTSE TV. Apart from advertising on TV and Internet platforms, Lavazza is also marketed though BTL advertising campaign in largest Ukrainain supermarket chains: ATB, MegaMarket, Silpo, Auchan, Arsen. Overall, 164 retail stores throughout Ukraine are involved in the Lavazza advertising campaign.

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