Gardenz «PartyMix»

Gardenz PartyMix™ is a series of natural low-alcoholic beverages. The drinks are manufactured and bottled in single serving black 500 mL cans at the Kvass Beverages plant.

Currently, our cider series is one-of-a-kind in Ukrainian beverage industry, since you won’t find any other low-alcohol cider-based mixes on store shelves now, except for Gardenz PartyMix™.
The amounts of alcohol content are regulated exclusively by the duration of fermentation of cider ingredients, while a broad range of flavors is obtained by adding various combinations of fruit concentrates.

Why choose Party Mix™ compared to other ciders available at the market?
There’s a number of reasons, they:

• are alcohol free;
• are naturally fermented;
• contain no additives/preservatives;
• contain no flavor enhancers;
• only natural ingredients;
• only natural apple juice.

PartyMix™ Cider Series includes six main flavors: Mandarin-Gin, Plum-Almond, Sicilian Orange, Rum-Cherry, Tequila-Lime, Energy.

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