De Cecco™ is an Italian company producing dried pasta and olive oil. Since 1886 this pasta manufacturer has been carrying on the tradition of making dried pasta that they improve every single day and that allows them to bring the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine all over the world. De Cecco™ has been producing pasta for over 125 years and has become synonymous for superior quality and Italian authentic taste around the world:

  1. Since 1886 the company selects the best durum wheat from Italy and all over the globe because the characteristics of excellence cannot be found in just one variety of wheat.
  2. Right before having been ground and milled, the wheat must pass their laboratories’ strict controls and meet highest qualitative standards to verify the purity, the appearance and all of the physical and chemical characteristics of the grains.
  3. They knead the semolina using pure, cold water alone, at a temperature of less than 15°C to obtain the ideal texture of cooked pasta.
  4. They have continued to use bronze draw-plates because it’s the only method that makes the pasta naturally rough, porous and able to absorb every type of sauce.
  5. At De Cecco, they have chosen to slow dry their pasta at low temperatures to guarantee a premium-quality product.

As time goes by things change, but De Cecco™ today is still synonymous for best quality in the pasta world.

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