Tea and coffee group

  Ascania FMCG became an exclusive importer and tea distributor of TM Dilmah.    Product range of Dilmah includes black packed and spreading large-leaf tea, as well as green and with various flavors. Today TM Dilmah is one of the three… Read more


Althaus is a premium-quality oriented trade mark. Althaus combines high quality, centuries-old tea traditions and modern production methods, original tea compositions and innovative design. The range of Althaus is represented by a wide range of tea – from classic varieties… Read more


TM «ERBE» is a private brand of the company. Tea «ERBE» is a new tea collection, which combines the tea traditions of various countries, advanced trends in the global tea industry and focus on the segment HoReCA. TM «ERBE» has three lines:… Read more

VivatTEA (2)

«Vivat Tea» is a private brand of “Ascania Trading” company. Ceylon big leaf loose black tea. You can enjoy generous expressive taste and full-bodied aroma of the classic tea. Tea originated in Sri Lanka. Net weight: 90 g. Chinese big… Read more

Vivat Cafe1

Coffee TM “Vivat Cafe” is private label brand of company. By production of this coffee we tried to take into consideration all flavoring preferences of consumers: tartness and a saturation from India, slightly sour taste from East Africa, spicy chocolate… Read more


“Tchibo” is a namesake brand of German company “Tchibo GmbH” that started its work in 1945 with coffee beans supplies. Nowadays this company is one of five biggest coffee producers. “Ascania Trading” is an exclusive importer of “Tchibo” in Ukraine…. Read more


“Lavazza” is one of main coffee producers in the World, a leader of Italian retail coffee market. According to figures of “Nilsen” its value share is 48%. Nowadays in producing coffee the fourth generation of Lavazza family is engaged. To… Read more


“Carta Verde” is a private brand of “Ascania Trading”. Offering coffee of the best world brands our customers and final consumers we have got unique experience in distributing and promotion of this product in Ukraine. This experience was realized in… Read more