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Ascania FMCG provides full range of services in distributing the supplier’s goods to all trade channels.

National distributing. More than 60% of goods volume we distribute though our own distributing network. Direct supplies are made in more than 18000 outlets. Besides we work directly with assessment centers of all national C&C networks. We also work properly with alternative sales channels (for example pharmacy shops and filling stations etc.). At the territories where there are no our branches the sales are made through focus teams on the basis of regional partners.

Shipping logistics. We carry out delivery from near and far abroad and make large-tonnage delivery along Ukraine with the help of our own Euro class trucks of 100 m3 volume and of 20 tons tonnage. We have pick-up and refrigerated trucks of different tonnage in our truck fleet. These trucks serve our regional clients.

Warehouse storage. Total floor space of our production and warehouse premises is over 20 000 m2 including warehouses those are over 15 000 m2, total refrigerating chambers space is over 2 500 m2. All warehouse premises are heated, the approaches are convenient and there are ramps for auto-loaders work. We apply shelf storage of goods. Optimization of resources is used in warehouse management, integrated IT systems, EDI.

Custom clearance. We provide our partners and clients with full range of services related to custom clearance.

Marketing support. If you decide to start working with us be sure that we will not only deliver your goods to an outlet, place it properly in the shelves but also we will take care of informing the customer about the product and make him to pay attention on the good.

Data providing. You always can address us for information about your product promotion. And we also can give you recommendations about how to improve its promotion. Our knowledge and our experience are always at your service!

Promotion and merchandising. Our merchandisers and brand-managers working in the most distal regions of Ukraine take care of your product presentation. We suggest you the most effective way of communication exactly with your customer. And promo actions held by our employees are always effective and successful.

Promo materials producing. We give you all necessary support in producing promo materials. Working for years at the Ukrainian market we have learnt well Ukrainian customer tastes. That is why we suggest only decisions that make the customer to pay attention on your product. In our staff we have an experienced designer who have lots of successful projects done. We long to be an unconditional leader in Ukrainian market and are worthy high trust.

Production of metro units. Our company provides packaging services of metro units and promo sets. This is a sales unit consisting of several copies of identical goods packed together. Thus, products are more transportable and less subject to dispersal; convenient for display in an outlet; effective during the promotions.

Packing and packaging. Company provides package of services in packing and packaging of goods. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment and to hire specially trained staff. If you will pack products in our company, you get high-quality service in optimum terms.

We keep developing and will be glad new partners and clients. If you are interested in cooperation with “Ascania FMCG” we suggest to complete “Form for producers” or “Form for regional distributors” and to send it to the following address:

Form for producers

Form for regional distributors