Own manufacture of “Ascania FMCG” group of companies is certified according to ISO 22000:2007 (ISO 22000:2005) . Сompany carefully monitors incoming raw materials and complied with the norms and standards of thermal storage of products.

STRD-MFP3120042310020Group of companies “Ascania FMCG” produces products under own trademarks:

Company produces about 90 SKU including Private label for leading retail chains in Ukraine. Our manufacture is located in Kiev, which allows responding quickly to customer requests, to control and correct all parameters by the order and the customer’s wishes.

The production line has the capacity for packaging products both from own raw materials and from raw materials of the customer (including individual recipes).

Production capacity – 10 000 packs. per shift.

Production follow by all necessary allowing documentation (specificat
ion, a bar code, and certificates of quality) and the agreement with Health Inspection Services and Veterinary Service of Ukraine.

STRD-MFP3120042310030Additional benefit is specialized delivery from production to the customer and to the final consumer: company uses only specially equipped vehicles with their own refrigeration units supporting the recommended temperature.