“Ascania FMCG” took part in Pirogovo race.


“Ascania FMCG” likes sport and its country! Kiev branch office proved it, has brightly and useful celebrated the Independence Day – having taken part in Pirogovo race. Vyshyvanky (embroidery), nature and other pleasant moments made this day memorable for everybody…. Read more

Ascania FMCG was one of the partners of “Plays of Heroes”.


Ascania FMCG was one of the partners of “plays of heroes” – competitions in Crossfit, among the participants were the ATO participants, who, due to received wounds, lost limbs and also people with disabilities, who were moving on wheelchairs.  … Read more

The report meeting of regional enterprises of “Ascania FMCG”


On 20-21 October 2016, report meeting of regional enterprises of “Ascania FMCG” was held in Kiev. The event was very serious and tensely, but it finished with surprises. Directors of the Kharkov and Dnipro branch received new official cars as… Read more

Changes in group of companies «Ascania FMCG»


1 Jule 2016  “Gastranom” company came under the control group of companies “Ascania FMCG”. Existing and potential customers of our businesses can ask our managers for consult and order partner products.

Festival of restaurateurs «InRestSummerFest»


Ascania Frozen Food took part in the summer festival InRestSummerFest, which took place on 14 – 17 of June on the shores of the Black Sea in Zatoka. Company introduced a series of tasting sets and master class on the… Read more

International Festival of Marketing and Business «The MarketingJazzz Fest»


Ascania FMCG became a partner and took part in the 11th International Festival of Marketing and Business «The MarketingJazzz Fest». Festival took place on 26 – 28 of May on the shores of the Black Sea in Odessa. The three-day… Read more

Training «Reserves of personality: disclosure»


In the period from 10 to 11 March 2016 Best Business Teams of group of companies «Askania FMCG», according to the results of the national motivational event, finally got their prize in the form of a 2-day training course titled… Read more

Festival of restaurateurs «InRestWinterFest’16»


Thanks to our long-time partners and friends Sophia Kolomytseva, Sergei Trahachev from Restorator Ukraina, for the invitation to participate in the Festival restaurateurs «InRestWinterFest’16». Thanks to your projects, we have an opportunity to communicate informally with customers, to share experiences and… Read more

New Year starts with novelty!!!

Foil bag _CartaVerde237

Carta Verde brand enlarged with new Carta Verde Barista line, which is the instant granulated coffee laced with natural ground coffee. It enables you without any extra effort to get in a few seconds a cup of fragrant drink that… Read more



The history of tea beverage extends back over several thousand years. Nowadays, tea is the most favorite drink all around the world. People drink it hot as well as cold, with various flavor additives and without them. Frequently, different kinds… Read more