New products! Perry cocktails from Kvass Beverages Company


Kvass Beverages Company became the first company in Ukraine, which developed and produced line of cocktails based on the natural pear juice! The line of low-alcohol Perry drinks on the base of natural pear juice is presented with the flavors… Read more

New product! Mr`Corn fried popcorn from Ascania FMCG


New product from Ascania FMCG is available on the market – fried salty and sweet popcorn with cheese, caramel flavors and with salt! These kinds of fried popcorn are cooked in the coconut oil from the carefully selected types of… Read more

New products! Oreo and Milka ice cream from Ascania Frozen Foods Company


В ассортиментном портфеле компании «Аскания Фроузен Фудс» появилось уникальное мороженое «OREO» и «Milka», которое производит международная компания с мировым именем «FRONERI». В этом году украинцы одними из первых в Европе могут попробовать такие новинки: пломбир с нежным шоколадом на палочке… Read more



Kvass Beverages plant in Zaporizhzhya adapted its production capacity and started manufacturing disinfectants. These disinfectants of fundamentally new type are obtained with the method of electrochemical activation technology, which provides them with the unique biocide action. The company will hand… Read more

New products from Ascania Frozen Food: vegetable and berry purees, stir-fry pasta and Brussels sprouts


Ascania Frozen Food Company presented new products: vegetable and fruit purees of Spela TM, stir-fry pasta and Brussel sprouts from Hortex. Hortex stir-fry pasta is made according to Italian recipe and contains only natural ingredients. The product range of Hortex… Read more

Ascania FMCG Company became a leading importer and distributor of Lavazza coffee in Ukraine


Ascania FMCG Company has successfully represented Lavazza brand in Ukraine for over 15 years. Lavazza is one of the top coffee manufacturers in the world, the leader of Italian retail coffee market with the share of 48% according to assessment… Read more

Kvass Beverages Company has been awarded for high quality kvass and cider


Three drinks from Kvass Beverages Company have received gold awards for high quality! Yarylko children`s kvass, Yarylo Bilyi Imbyrnyi and GardenZ Iablychnyi cider were awarded at the XXII International Beer, Non-Alcoholic and Low Alcoholic Beverage Competition. The event was organized… Read more

NEW! Own brand – OKKI caramel on a stick


OKKI is a product that has an important mission: to give joy, a good mood, a desire to communicate with others and to bear positive in the world. OKKI is Askania Trading’s own brand , which is manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Turkey. This… Read more

New from the Askania group companies – Askania refreshing lemonade !


 Askania lemonade is made only from natural ingredients at the Kvass Beverages factory , which has been pouring lemonades for over 70 years, preserving the traditional recipe and taste of the drink! Askania lemonade is the pearl of your good mood, a guarantee of a great time… Read more

Ascania FMCG Company became a distributor of KARUZO cream pita


Ascania FMCG became a distributor of KARUZO – tasty and saturated cream pita of the unique form and with various combinations of flavors. KARUZO is for everybody, who wants to “restart” any time of the day. There are six flavors… Read more