NEW! Own brand – OKKI caramel on a stick


OKKI is a product that has an important mission: to give joy, a good mood, a desire to communicate with others and to bear positive in the world. OKKI is Askania Trading’s own brand , which is manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Turkey. This… Read more

New from the Askania group companies – Askania refreshing lemonade !


 Askania lemonade is made only from natural ingredients at the Kvass Beverages factory , which has been pouring lemonades for over 70 years, preserving the traditional recipe and taste of the drink! Askania lemonade is the pearl of your good mood, a guarantee of a great time… Read more

Ascania FMCG Company became a distributor of Cream Pita KARUZO


Ascania FMCG Company became a distributor of Cream Pita KARUZO. KARUZO is a genuine sweet puff pastry brand- delicious and hunger satisfying cream pita with unique shape and a variety of flavor combinations. KARUZO is for everyone who wants to “restart”… Read more

«Ascania ProDrinks» became an official distributor of «Shayanska» and «PPB» brands


«Ascania ProDrinks» became an official distributor of the whole product range of mineral water «Shayanska» brand, and, also, drinks of «Persha Pryvatna Brovarnya» company. Manufacturing of «Shayanska» mineral water is located in Vyshkovo (Zakarpattya region). «PPB» company produces drinks of natural… Read more

Ascania FMCG company became a tea distributor of TM Dilmah

Dilmah tea

Ascania FMCG became an exclusive importer and tea distributor of TM Dilmah.  Product range of Dilmah includes black packed and spreading large-leaf tea, as well as green and with various flavors. Today TM Dilmah is one of the three largest tea… Read more

New product! Yarylko Children`s kvass from Kvass Beverages

Лого ярылко

For the International Children`s Day Kvass Beverages manufactory presented new product – Yarylko children`s kvass. Victoria Ishchenko, the quality director, told the journalists that Yarylko is the first and only children`s kvass in Ukraine. “It is produced at the plant… Read more

New product from Kvass Beverages manufactory – Rodynnyi kvass


Another new product in Yarylo kvass line is Rodunnyi kvass that has two tastes. Rodynnyi kvass Bilyi is the light white kvass with the unique recipe for all family, which quenches the thirst in the summer heat. Rodynnyi kvass with… Read more

Ascania FMCG Company became a distributor of Rio Mare and Argo TM


Ascania FMCG Company became a distributor of Rio Mare Italian tune and confectionary products of Argo Polish manufacturer. Rio Mare TM has 40-year history and exports its goods to over 30 countries. The product range is presented by canned tuna… Read more

New Product! Ascania FMCG Company presented children`s waffle cakes

Фото 381

Especially for children Ascania FMCG Company expanded OKKI sweets line with waffle cakes. Now every child can feel like a chef and make OKKI cake with various flavors of jams and toppings. One set includes 5 crispy waffle shortcakes, two… Read more

GardenZ Cider is a new product from Kvass Beverages manufactory


Kvass beverages presented a natural GardenZ cider with two flavors: apple and black currant. The drink is available in 0,5 and 1 liter PET-bottle. Natural GardenZ cider is produced according to special Scottish technology with the fresh juice of cider… Read more