Ascania FMCG Company became the only company in Ukraine, which has a legal right to sell products of Tchibo TM. Tchibo product range, offered by Ascania FMCG Company, includes instant coffee, made using the technology of “freeze drying” (sublimated coffee), as well… Read more

Ascania FMCG is a partner and participant of job fair “Impulse 17.0”


Ascania FMCG attracts the young talents. And the first step was the participation at job fair “Impulse 17.0”. Our HR-managers told to the students about the company, directions, brands, possibilities and actual vacancies. The students, in their turn, with a… Read more

“Ascania FMCG” – importer and distributor of TM Kotányi


“Ascania FMCG” – importer and distributor of TM Kotányi, which present a wide range of spices and seasonings. The products of TM Kotányi base on carefully selected herbs and spices from the whole world. Thanks to knowledge, experience, and subtle… Read more

5 years of “Ascania FMCG” Kharkov!


Kharkov branch of “Ascania FMCG” is 5 years! During these years, the young and purposeful team of Kharkov demonstrates to the clients the high level of professionalism, responsibility and effective work. We congratulate all employees of philia, wish the prosperity,… Read more

“Ascania FMCG is the distributor of energetic drinks of TM “Hell Energy”.


The trade mark Hell Energy Drink was founded in 2006 and in 3 years was one of the leading participants of energetic drinks international market. Thanks to high product’s quality, competently built marketing and price positioning, Hell Energy Drink takes… Read more

“GastroNom” is the partner and participant – BAROMETER International Bar Show 2017


The direction “GastroNom” was the partner and took part in grandiose bar festival – BAROMETR International Bar Show 2017. The event was from September 29 until October 1 and included a lot of lections, tastings, master-classes and interesting cases from… Read more

Traditional welcome-training of Kiev branch office of the company.


Traditional Welcome-training for new employees of Kiev branch. We wish lucky runway, positive results and high achievements in working activity.

“Ascania FMCG” took part in Pirogovo race.


“Ascania FMCG” likes sport and its country! Kiev branch office proved it, has brightly and useful celebrated the Independence Day – having taken part in Pirogovo race. Vyshyvanky (embroidery), nature and other pleasant moments made this day memorable for everybody…. Read more

Ascania FMCG was one of the partners of “Plays of Heroes”.


Ascania FMCG was one of the partners of “plays of heroes” – competitions in Crossfit, among the participants were the ATO participants, who, due to received wounds, lost limbs and also people with disabilities, who were moving on wheelchairs.  … Read more

The report meeting of regional enterprises of “Ascania FMCG”


On 20-21 October 2016, report meeting of regional enterprises of “Ascania FMCG” was held in Kiev. The event was very serious and tensely, but it finished with surprises. Directors of the Kharkov and Dnipro branch received new official cars as… Read more