New products! Perry cocktails from Kvass Beverages Company

Kvass Beverages Company became the first company in Ukraine, which developed and produced line of cocktails based on the natural pear juice!

The line of low-alcohol Perry drinks on the base of natural pear juice is presented with the flavors of the world popular cocktails:Bellini, Vermouth, Campari, Hugo and Aperol. Try and feel the topqualityof our cocktails! Beverages are available in 50 l KEGs for HoReCa.


Perry Vermouth

This drink has saturated herbs aroma and refreshing taste with vivid aftertaste of herbs and light bitter tinge. Color varies fromlight straw to amber, crystal clear.

Perry Campari

The drink has aroma of bitter orange and fragrant herbs and fresh, well-balanced, sour-sweet, light pear flavor with hint of bitter herbs. Color: saturated red, crystal clear.

Perry Aperol

The drink has fresh aroma with the notes of orange and Milanese herbs and fresh flavor with the notes of melted orange ice cream and tender bitter aftertaste and hint of ripe pear. Color: orange, crystal clear.

Perry Bellini

The drink has delicate aroma with notes of ripe peach and flavor of juicy peach with tender hints of sparkling champagne. Color: light pink with orange tinge.

Perry Hugo

The drink has pear aroma in combination withelderberry and ripe citrus fruits, with fresh flavor and well-balanced, sour-sweet, light pear flower-citrus hint. Color: from light straw to amber, crystal clear.