New product! Yarylko Children`s kvass from Kvass Beverages

For the International Children`s Day Kvass Beverages manufactory presented new product – Yarylko children`s kvass.

Victoria Ishchenko, the quality director, told the journalists that Yarylko is the first and only children`s kvass in Ukraine. “It is produced at the plant with 70-year history. Our experts know the history, traditions and technologies of kvass manufactory and in combination with the leading production facilities all these factors help them to create the drink of the best quality” – says Victoria Ishchenko.

Yarylo children`s kvass is completely natural product and does not contain artificial flavors and colors. Its shelf life is shortened (120 days), this kvass does not contain artificial CO2 and sugar substitutes. Moreover, this year Yarylko kvass was approved by O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health.

Designers created 12 tag varieties especially for children. Kids will have wonderful opportunity not only to choose smiley for their mood, but also watch them “come to life” with Arloopa mobile application.