New product! Mr`Corn fried popcorn from Ascania FMCG

New product from Ascania FMCG is available on the market – fried salty and sweet popcorn with cheese, caramel flavors and with salt! These kinds of fried popcorn are cooked in the coconut oil from the carefully selected types of corn for every taste. The coconut oil does not contain cholesterol as well astrans fatty acids, the oil has a high content of vitamin E. Thanks to the oil fried popcorn has a specific nutty taste and golden color.


Mr`Corn with cheese flavor

Crispy corn of Butterfly type,cooked in the coconut oil with special cheese-flavored additive, this kind has moderately rich flavor and yellowish hue. It is perfect as nosh and snack for beer and other beverages.

Mr`Corn with salt

Crispy corn of Butterfly type, cooked in the coconut oil with salt, has a slight indistinct taste. It is perfect as nosh or snack for drinks for all family members and even for fans of proper nutrition.

Mr`Corn popcorn with caramel flavor

Crispy, air popped and at the same time soft popcorn of Mushroom type, cooked in the coconut oil, covered with double layer of caramel syrup. It is perfect as the dessert or nosh for adults and children.