New product! Agar-agar from Kotanyi TM

We present new product from Kotanyi TM – agar-agar, which is plant-based alternative to ordinary gelatin!

Agar-agar is vegetarian substitute for gelatin, which is made from red seaweed. It has neutral taste, smell and its gelling property is 10 times higher than ordinary gelatin has. Agar-agar is very popular in Asian countries where it is used not only for jellies and desserts but also for soups, fish and meat dishes.

Ascania FMCG is a distributor of Kotanyi TM, which offers a wide range of spices and herbs. For the base of its products, Kotanyi TM uses only carefully selected herbs and spices from all over the world. Thanks to knowledge and experience, Kotanyi Company guarantees the highest quality of the products.