Grocery line and snacks

Przysnacki is one of the youngest Intersnack’s brand launched in 2011 in Poland. Thanks to distinct positioning as a truly Polish brand referring to folk tradition Przysnacki gained the leading position in specialities segment in Modern Trade channel and continues… Read more


“Lesaffre” is a French company which is one of the world leading producers of baking ingredients. Today “Lesaffre” group it is 48 industrial enterprises, 62 commercial structures, 25 baking centers which are situated in all continents (except frosty Antarctic) and there… Read more


“Mc’Corn” is a private brand of “Ascania Trading” which is produced in close cooperation with “Popz Holding LLC” company, Denmark, one of the biggest producers of microwave popcorn in Europe. One of the owners of “Popz Holding LLC” is famous… Read more


“Chio” is a key brand of German group of companies “Intersnack”, one of the biggest European producers of snacks (potatoes chips, nuts and bakery). Group of the companies was founded in 1962. Its staff is more than 8000  employees. Its… Read more


“Felix” is “nut” brand of German group of companies “Intersnack” one of the biggest snack producers in Europe (see article on “Chio”). Despite that “Felix” is rather yang brand it became a leader of Poland market in segment of “nuts… Read more