Kvass “Yarilo” is Ukrainian live fermentation kvass, which has been prepared from real grain and its own recipe for over 70 years. From the first day of the creation of the plant in Zaporozhye in 1946, technologists care about the traditional recipe for cooking kvass and control its quality at all stages: from the rye spike to your table. That is what guarantees the Yarilo kvass its unsurpassed bread taste that will not leave you indifferent. There are four types of kvass in the assortment: “Yarilo Real”, “Yarilo Honey “, “Yaril o White Home”, “Yarilo White Ginger”.  (: “Ярило Настоящий”, “Ярило Мёдовый”, “Ярило Белый Домашний”, “Ярило Белый Имбирный”)



Askania lemonade is made only from natural ingredients at the Kvass Beverages factory , which has been pouring lemonades for over 70 years, preserving the traditional recipe and taste of the drink! Askania lemonade is the pearl of your good mood, a guarantee of a great time with friends and enjoy the pleasant taste of lemonade!



Лого ярылкоYarylko is the first and only children`s kvass in Ukraine. It is produced at the plant with 70-year history. Yarylo children`s kvass is completely natural product and does not contain artificial flavors and colors. Its shelf life is shortened (120 days), this kvass does not contain artificial CO2 and sugar substitutes. Moreover, this year Yarylko kvass was approved by O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health.

Designers created 12 tag varieties especially for children. Kids will have wonderful opportunity not only to choose smiley for their mood, but also watch them “come to life” with Arloopa mobile application.


Natural GardenZ cider is produced according to special Scottish technology with the fresh juice of cider apples. They have fresher and sourer taste and do not need extraneous ingredients, for example citric acid. Thanks to this, the drink is produced in traditional way. Also, wine yeast is used for GardenZ cider, which adds noble fermentation flavor to this drink. The drink is available in 0,5 and 1 liter PET-bottle.
Kvass Beverages plant has been producing the cider line with 9 flavors, which are available on tap in KEG: strawberry and grapes, peach, melon, lime, grapefruit, berries, apple and black currant. According to results of recent two years, apple and black currant have become the most popular flavors among consumers.

  • GardenZ apple cider is the standard of European cider taste. It has classic sweet taste with slight sourness and bright fresh aroma. Its color ranges from light to amber, crystal clear.
  • GardenZ cider with black currant has a mild, sour-sweet berry taste and fresh aroma with clear notes of black currant and slight apple flavor. It has saturated dark red color.

GardenZ cider is packed in a dark PET-bottle, which helps to protect natural drink from sunlight and thanks to this cider is better preserved. PET-bottle has a lightened preform, which is more environmentally friendly because it contains less plastic. The label is made in black color with gold and matt lamination, which has barcode in apple form.