Confectionery group

OKKI is Askania Trading’s own brand , which is manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Turkey. This is one of the best confectionery factories in the country, equipped with ultra-modern equipment and certified according to international standards. OKKI products are manufactured according to all… Read more


Argo is a Polish factory that has been producing tasty and healthy sweets for more than 25 years. Their story began in 1992, when a family company realized their delicious dreams. Both then and today, the company’s goal is to produce delicious sweets,… Read more


“Storck” is one of the biggest confectionary producers in Germany, silver awardee among German chocolate producers. “Storck” is a company with age-long history. The first confectionary production was founded by August Storck in 1903. Then except the owner only three… Read more