OKKI is Askania Trading’s own brand , which is manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Turkey. This is one of the best confectionery factories in the country, equipped with ultra-modern equipment and certified according to international standards.

OKKI products are manufactured according to all criteria of international standards from natural sugar and do not contain harmful components, as well as GMOs. OKKI juicy caramel is presented in three lines: classic, mini and with chewing gum.

The OKKI Classic line is a classic caramel on a stick, represented by four: flavors of orange , raspberry, apple and strawberry.

The OKKI Mini line is caramel with four flavors: cola, orange, strawberry and green apple.

The OKKI XL with Gum line is an oversized caramel with chewing gum and four flavors of cocktails: sweet strawberries and a refreshing orange, fruit mix , wild raspberries and ripe cherries, as well as juicy watermelon and aromatic melon.
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OKKI Hihikls Milkshake


OKKI Hihikls Fruit


OKKI Hihikls Sour


OKKI VitaBoom