“Chio” is a key brand of German group of companies “Intersnack”, one of the biggest European producers of snacks (potatoes chips, nuts and bakery). Group of the companies was founded in 1962. Its staff is more than 8000  employees. Its production volume is about 500000 tons of different snacks. Annual turnover of “Intersnack” company is more than 2 billion Euro. Company’s headquarters is situated in Dusseldorf (Germany), and in 12 countries “Intersnack” has its branches.

Production of “Chio” brand is popular in 30 countries. Everything began in the end of 1950s when at the farm in West German the first lot of potatoes chips was made of season harvest. Locals liked the new product. That is why in 1962 Opel family (heirs of that Adam Opel, automobiles producers) opened in nearby Frankental first in Germany chips production. Today except potatoes chips there are corn chips, cookie, popcorn and sticks in the company assortment.

“Ascania Distribution” cooperates with “Chio” brand since its coming on Ukrainian market in 1998. Today we are an exclusive distributor of “Chio” brand in our country. We offer our partners and consumers almost all range which “Intersnack” company presents at Ukrainian market.

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