Althaus is a premium-quality oriented trade mark. Althaus combines high quality, centuries-old tea traditions and modern production methods, original tea compositions and innovative design.

The range of Althaus is represented by a wide range of tea – from classic varieties to exclusive blends, author’s fruit and herbal mixes. It includes more than 60 varieties of leaf tea, tea pot of various formats and stylish branded accessories.

Quality of Althaus is a reliable supplier, processing and packaging in the largest factories for the packaging of tea in Germany, established a system of quality control and certification in accordance with EU norms.

Althaus Tea has found its admirers in 60 countries around the world and has been appreciated by guests of such luxury hotels as Sheraton Palace, Sacher Hotel, Swissotel, Grand Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Park Inn, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Angleterre Hotel and many more.