Ascania FMCG was one of the partners of “Plays of Heroes”.

A5E0D6E37ADD7712E48A843C710A71314CE1A9C54A7C234065-pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAscania FMCG was one of the partners of “plays of heroes” – competitions in Crossfit, among the participants were the ATO participants, who, due to received wounds, lost limbs and also people with disabilities, who were moving on wheelchairs.


In tournament, which was organized on December 24, at Sport Palace, took part 50 sportsmen from all regions of Ukraine. Guys demonstrated real team spirit and great will to win!


P.S. We express our gratitude to Natalia Yusupova and other volunteers for event’s organization and for an opportunity to be a part of this event!