Ascania FMCG Company became a distributor of Cream Pita KARUZO

KaruzoAscania FMCG Company became a distributor of Cream Pita KARUZO. KARUZO is a genuine sweet puff pastry brand- delicious and hunger satisfying cream pita with unique shape and a variety of flavor combinations. KARUZO is for everyone who wants to “restart” any time of the day.

The cream the key product attribute that brings savour. Karuzo can be filled with rich in taste chocolate cream or fresh fruity combinations with tender cheese.

The pita shape the round shape that makes it possible to have delicious cream in each bite, making the consumer experience even more satisfying. The range represented by 6 tastes: cherry cheesecake cream, yoghurt cream with strawberry, blueberry cheesecake cream, cocoa cream with chocolate, cocoa cream pita with chocolate, mascarpone cream with raspberry.