Ice Cream

We love ice cream and only ice cream – this is a slogan of international FRONERI Company, which has been manufacturing ice cream for over 100 years!
Nestlé and Froneri merged in 2016. All unique Nestlé confectionary brands and know-how are now in the ice cream: KitKat, Lion, Pirulo, Sholler, Daim, Smarties, Tobleron, Movenpick and other products of mega famous brands.
The goal of the company is to develop ice cream business with the help of the most famous world brands and attract customers all over the world. The company manufactures well-known brands such as Oreo, Milka, Cadbury etc., under Mondelēz license.
These partnership and cooperation with the world leading companies allowed Froneri to meet the needs of more customers and fill the freezer with the variety of products – for every taste and mood.  In our assortment there is ice cream of the trademarks: Milka, Oreo, KitKat, Lion, children’s line Pirulo, Movenpick, Scholler. 4-iceschollermovenpick